Our story

How We Got Started

In the tumultuous year of 2021, amidst global chaos and uncertainty, our family found solace in an unexpected venture: starting a farm. This decision allowed us to shift our focus away from the noise and drama, directing our attention toward the awe-inspiring miracles present in God’s creation.

Our inaugural task on the farm involved constructing a chicken coop. However, the exorbitant cost of wood—over $8 for a single two-by-four—prompted us to seek alternative solutions. Scouring our home for repurposable materials, we disassembled a handicap ramp and repurposed the walls from our side porch. The resulting structure, affectionately dubbed the “chicken church” due to its height and steeply pitched trusses, wasn’t flawless, but it stood as a testament to the ingenuity of an I.T. professional and his resourceful homemaker wife.

With six chickens as our starting point, we gradually expanded our flock until we were blessed with over twenty chickens, each laying eggs prolifically. The thrill of collecting our first eggs was indescribable, and observing our feathered companions became a cherished pastime.

What About Goats?

One evening, relaxing watching our favorite homestead videos we happened upon a man who raised dairy goats and transformed their milk into an array of delectable cheeses. Until that moment, raising goats for milk had never crossed my mind. While I’d never tasted goat milk, hearsay suggested it was both too sweet and distinctly “goaty.”

And so, our farm journey took an unexpected turn—one that led us to explore the world of dairy goats, their milk, and the delightful possibilities it held.
After numerous family discussions and immersing ourselves in several books, we embarked on a dairy goat adventure. Even if we didn’t initially fancy their milk, we believed that raising these goats would be a rewarding experience. In June of 2021, we welcomed our first dairy goats—two Alpine does named Hope and Grace.

Their initial setup consisted of a ten-by-twenty dog kennel and a calf hutch, serving as their temporary home. As winter approached, we sought a more permanent shelter. Our solution? The old garage, ripe for conversion into a barn. Inside, we constructed a spacious stall and cut an opening at the back, leading to an outdoor area enclosed by kennel panels. The anticipation of granting our does more space was palpable.

Room to Roam

In spring 2022, we enlisted hardworking Amish men to fence in an acre of pasture for our goats, along with a separate buck pen. Their efficiency was astounding—they completed the entire project in just two days. Watching the goats frolic and leap across the field brought us immense joy. Our children reveled in running alongside the fence, playfully racing their caprine companions.

April saw the construction of a kidding stall, meticulously prepared for our first kids due to arrive in May. Our inaugural kidding season presented both challenges and valuable learning opportunities. On the farm, we witness the miraculous cycle of life, yet we’re also reminded of life’s fragility when faced with loss.

Curiosity got the better of us a few weeks after our does kidded. Gathered as a family, we each held a small glass of goat milk, ready for our collective tasting experience. To our surprise, the flavor was remarkably familiar—it tasted just like… milk! Our family now embraces goat milk for drinking, cereal, cheese making, and cajeta.

As for my next endeavor, soap making beckons, but time and energy remain elusive. Perhaps soon, the soothing scent of homemade soap will grace our farmhouse. There are many chores for us to do on the farm and it seems the project list never ends but we are blessed and couldn’t imagine living life any other way.